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Martin A Lee, Project CBD

Upcoming Events
State of Marijuana 2016
Sept. 26-27, 2016
Britannia Salon Deck, Queen Mary
1126 Queens Hwy, Long Beach, CA 90802
Panel: "Cannabis Research After Prohibition" (11:30am - 1pm, 9/27)
Cultivating Community
Sept. 30, 2016, 10am - 6pm
Sonoma Growers Alliance
Santa Rosa, CA
"Cannabis & Public Health" (11:30am - 12:30pm panel)
SupplySide West
Oct. 7, 2016, 11am - noon
"Demystifying CBD"
Talk by Martin A Lee
Las Vegas, NV
Expo Website
Spirit Plant Medicine Conference
Oct. 29-30, 2016
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, Canada
(Lecture, panel and book signing with Martin A Lee)
Project CBD Meet-up: New York City
Nov. 10, 2016
Talk by Martin A Lee
The Alchemist's Kitchen
21 E. 1st St (@ 2nd Ave). New York, NY
The Emerald Cup
Dec. 10-11, 2016
Santa Rosa, CA

Seminar & Workshop Topics

Contact Project CBD about scheduling a lecture, seminar and/or workshop on topics like:

  • CBD: Game-Changer for Medical Marijuana
    An exploration of the science and politics of CBD, the noneuphoric cannabis component that has changed the national discussion about medical marijuana and industrial hemp in the United States.
  • CBD Master Class for Bud-Tenders
    A workshop on cannabis therapeutics for dispensary staff, focusing on how best to guide and assist patients and caregivers regarding CBD-rich options and products.
  • Beyond CBD: Cannabis Therapeutics and Holistic Healing
    An examination of how numerous holistic healing modalities, including diet, exercise, sleep and stress reduction techniques, are mediated by the endocannabinoid system.
  • Medical Marijuana for Seniors
    Seniors, the fastest growing demographic among medical marijuana patients, are discovering that cannabis is helpful for treating degenerative, age-related conditions -- Alzheimer’s, chronic pain, heart disease, diabetes, sleep disorders, stroke, and more. Scientific research validates anecdotal reports that cannabis can do wonders for the aging brain.
  • Cannabis and Epilepsy
    Marijuana has a rich history as a medicine for quelling seizures and convulsions going back hundreds of years. In the mid-19th century, the U.S. Pharmacopeia listed cannabis as a treatment for pediatric epilepsy, and subsequent scientific studies have documented the anticonvulsant effects of CBD, THC, and whole plant cannabis.
  • Smoke Signals: A Cannabis History Primer—From Prohibition to Legalization
    A discussion of why the U.S. government banned “the evil weed” during the Great Depression and how a decades-old grassroots countercultural movement for marijuana legalization evolved into today’s widespread populist revolt against conventional medicine and extra-constitutional authority.




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