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Cannabinoid Limits for Driving

In 2017, Michigan’s government founded a commission to recommend policy on cannabis and driving, specifically how to set THC limits. Two years later, in March 2019, they released their conclusion: [T]he Commission finds there is no scientifically supported threshold of ∆9-THC bodily content that would be indicative of impaired driving (emphasis added).

THC with Antipsychotics

A new study from researchers at Yale University suggests that an antipsychotic called haloperidol decreases the psychoactive effects of THC. Reading between the lines in research, it’s always important to check the dose administered. These scientists gave participants an i.v. injection of THC (0.0286 mg THC per kg bodyweight, to be exact). For an average adult in the U.S. that means injecting about 2 mg of THC.

CB2 in Breast Cancer

Breast cancers are often classified by the receptors they express. The three most common breast cancer receptors respond to estrogen, progesterone, or epidermal growth factor. The latter include HER2-positive breast cancers. Identifying these receptors facilitates treatment. A study led by scientists in Spain indicates that the

THC Better than CBD?

In clinical research, cannabis is often set up to fail. Federal restrictions privilege studying isolated molecules from cannabis over the plant itself. And even when cannabis research is done, scientists are often forced to use low-quality weed from the National Institute of Drug Abuse.