O’Shaughnessy’s (Winter 2015/16)

O’Shaughnessy’s- The Journal of Cannabis in Clinical Practice
By on January 04, 2016

The Winter 2015/16 issue of O’Shaughnessy’s—the journal that was instrumental in launching Project CBD six years ago—is now available.

There are too many highlights to highlight in this 72-page publication, which chronicles the recent history of medical marijuana as a dynamic social movement from the perspective of cannabis health specialists and their patients.

The lead story tracks the paths by which CBD-rich products are reaching medical patients. Both Bonni Goldstein, MD, in California and Margaret Gedde, MD, in Colorado have monitored the progress of hundreds of pediatric epilepsy patients utilizing unregulated high CBD/low THC cannabis oils (extracted from strains such as ACDC and Charlotte’s Web) with results similar to what doctors are seeing in FDA-approved treatment programs using GW Pharmaceuticals’ Epidiolex.

More than half the children who are given CBD-rich oil experience significantly fewer and less-severe seizures. For a small group at one end of the curve, seizures are eliminated. For a small group at the other end, cannabis doesn’t help at all, or exacerbates symptoms. Medical scientists are investigating why CBD-rich oil works for some patients but not for others. Most pediatric epilepsy cases involve genetic mutations. Some but not all gene-based epilepsies are amenable to treatment with CBD. Some are proving amenable to treatment with CBD plus THC and other cannabinoids.

O’Shaughnessy’s was conceived by Tod Mikuriya, MD, as a journal in which doctors monitoring cannabis use by patients could share their findings and observations and be kept up to date on the relevant science and politics. Dr. Mikuriya wanted physicians in the emerging specialty to share O’Shaughnessy’s with patients “by way of thanks, because almost all we know about cannabis as medicine comes from patients.”

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