Project CBD Launches Spanish-Language Website

Project CBD has launched our Spanish language website so that 427 million native speakers across the world will have access to health positive news on cannabis therapeutics.
By Project CBD On January 30, 2017
Project CBD in Spanish
Photo by Project CBD

What goes down must come up. Last week the Trump cabal removed the Spanish-language White House website. This week we launched en espanol so that 427 million native Spanish speakers across the globe will have access to health-positive news and information provided by Proyecto CBD, a not-for-profit, multilingual, educational NGO that focuses on cannabis science and therapeutics.

Spanish is the first language of 31 countries and the second most widely spoken language in the world after Mandarin. English is a distant third with 339 million native speakers.

Mexico has the largest Spanish-speaking population of any country, followed by the United States, where Spanish is the mother tongue of 41 million residents. More Spanish speakers live in California than any other U.S. state. California also has the most robust medical cannabis program in the Americas.

Let us not forget that the first anti-marijuana laws in the United States enacted a century ago were primarily a racist reaction against Mexican migrants. Today Mexicans are again being scapegoated by U.S. officials whose fake populist grandstanding is disturbingly reminiscent of the fascist era of the 1920s and 30s. The rise of fascism in Europe paralleled the hysterical demonization of marijuana in the United States. Reefer Madness and fascism are kindred historical phenomena — both exploited fear and hatred of the Other.

Project CBD is proud to share its educational resources with the Latino community. Our original content is now available through and our new Spanish-language Facebook page. Muchas gracias to Julian Caicedo and Anandamina Gardens for their ongoing help in the translation process.

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