CBD Products and Dosing

CBD Products and Dosing

CBD Survey Results: Cultivating Wellness

This section looks at what people are taking: what type of products, what dosages, how often, and for how long.

CBD Sources: Hemp vs. Cannabis

Half of participants reported using CBD from hemp, that is CBD with less than 0.3% THC. Forty percent reported using CBD from cannabis or in combination with cannabis, meaning they take some THC as part of their CBD routine though amounts varied wildly.

The survey did not ask about CBD isolates. Some of the participants who did not specify the source of their CBD (4%) may be using an isolate.

Five percent of participants stated that they were not sure where their CBD came from. This may reflect poor labeling, and/or confusion around the changing legal definition of hemp.


Product Types


CBD users tended to favor smoke-free methods, like tinctures and topicals, over traditional modes of ingesting cannabis (i.e. smoking, vaping, and edibles).

Almost half of participants (46%) reported using more than one type of product. The most popular combination was a tincture with a topical (13%) followed by a tincture with a vaped product (4%). Only 2% of participants reported using a topical alone.

Frequency of Use

The majority of survey respondents report taking CBD at least once a day, and over half reported taking it multiple times per day.


Dosing & Ratio


Few participants were able to say how much CBD (or THC) they were taking, suggesting an urgent need for both better product labeling and consumer education. Those that did answer this question indicated that they take anywhere from 2mg to 1000mg.

About half of participants taking CBD with or from cannabis specified the ratio of CBD to THC. Most favored a balanced ratio of CBD and THC (between 4:1 and 1:1), or a high CBD/low THC ratio between (20:1 and 10:1).

Length of Use

Forty-four percent of participants said that they had been using CBD for less than six months. This is not surprising given how recently it’s become available and its therapeutic potential understood. Over one-third reported that they had been using CBD for over one year, and 11% reported they had been using it for over three years.


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