Anecdotal Feedback

Anecdotal Feedback

CBD Survey Results: Cultivating Wellness

In spite of the fact that this was a lengthy survey, over half of participants (1,897) answered the question “what else would you like to share about your CBD experience?” adding free-form comments at the end of their submission.

Most comments elaborated on how CBD enhanced the quality of participants’ lives, often poignantly describing the change in the day-to-day experience of their symptoms. Others elaborated on its efficacy for specific conditions, and many described CBD’s unexpected helpfulness in ameliorating symptoms for which they weren’t even taking CBD (such as psoriasis).

Many participants also noted that CBD helped them reduce or eliminate other medications, most notably opiates, but also anti-depressants, anti-anxiety agents, thyroid medications, insulin, and other prescription drugs.

A number of participants bemoaned the lack of access to CBD and other cannabis-derived therapeutics and the high price of such products. Others expressed consternation over the challenges of find right product.

Quite a few participants requested more information on how to figure out the right dose and/or balance of CBD and THC. Others wanted to share tips on using CBD based on their own experience, such as how much to use, daytime versus nighttime use, their favorite modes of administration, etc.

A few participants reported side effects, including in one case the need to change – under their doctor’s supervision – their dose of Warfarin (a common blood thinner).

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