Pure for Life

Pure for Life

The therapeutic gifts of nature.

The Therapeutic Gifts of Nature

Pure for Life™ is the original brand of PURE5™ Nutrients, a company that deployed an innovative Extraction and THC remediation technology in the field of cannabis. PURE5™ created a standard for purity called PBX (Pure Botanical Extraction) that raised the bar of user experience. In PURE5™ our mission is to provide highest quality products made out of the pure naturally extracted flowers using our scientifically-proven and patented solventless process. With any product we deliver a vital drop of health from nature. The extracts derived by our low-pressure, room-temperature process are in naturally potent and unaltered form with fully preserved plant values as they appear in the actual plant.

Why are our products different?

Pure For LifeTM products are made from true freshly extracted Live Resin and Full Spectrum oils maintaining all natural botanical benefits of the original plant, undamaged and unaltered by heat or chemicals.

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The therapeutic gifts of nature.

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