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Monarch Life Sciences, LLC is a fully integrated, science-based Colorado Corporation bringing compassion, community engagement and pharmaceutical industry precision to the development, production and dispensing of medical-grade hemp-derived cannabinoids through tested and clinically proven aerosol devices, proprietary formulations, and remedy-specific consumer products.

The Aerosol Advantage

Monarch’s mission is to be recognized as the industry leader in delivering the safest, most effective, and widely used hemp derived full/broad-spectrum cannabinoid aerosols and water-soluble products on the planet. Monarch’s ‘Aerosol Advantage’ provides several benefits over traditional based delivery systems which include: accurate dosing, higher uptake and bioavailability, quicker effective release, great absorption, and higher levels of active cannabinoids. All of this in convenient and discrete usage packages that come at a lower cost per use than most other products.

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