Enhancing life with the power of plants.



FlowerChild is a small, family owned and operated business, and our mission is to help people help themselves by educating them not only on CBD, CBG and cannabis but also on the importance of a healthy, nutritious lifestyle and healthy, positive mindset.

Our CBD and CBG products are a full spectrum, ethanol extraction with the essence of the plant preserved. That means all the chlorophyll, essential oils and healing power of the cannabis plant is still intact. Our products are legally hemp but also contain trace amounts of THC and other minor cannabinoids. Having all the compounds present in the product creates a synergy that has much more healing potential. All cannabinoid extraction and product manufacturing are done in-house and we purchase high grade, organic hemp from small artisan farms in Oregon, Washington and Colorado. Everything is third party tested.


Owner, Kelly McLoughlin does a live zoom seminar on a monthly basis where she talks about health and wellness, cannabis and plant medicine, alternative healing, and in some instances, she will do a guided meditation around the issues of discussion.

Look for our new «beauty line» winter 2021. All-natural face and body products infused with both CBD and CBG.

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Product Categories: CBD and CBG tinctures and topicals, CBD sensual lube, CBD Pet tinctures, CBD/CBG 50/50 Blend tinctures and topicals, tattoo balm, Ice Muscle relaxer, Pre-rolls and smokable flower

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Enhancing life with the power of plants.

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