CannaKids oil production process is led by Ph.D. Scientists and Organic Chemists who specialize in medical cannabinoid formulation. CannaKids offers a variety of medicinal cannabis products which include: flavored THC tinctures, flavored CBD tinctures, Honey Gold CBD oil, Honey Gold THC oil, and THCa tinctures. 

Our flavored tinctures contain raw cannabinoids that are collected through a super critical CO2 extraction process, then infused with organic MCT oil, and finally blended with a sugarless, 100% vegan terpene infused flavoring that is available in both grape and bubblegum. The tinctures allow for easy and consistent dosing and are available in several different potencies.  

CannaKids takes clarification to the next level in our Honey Gold THC & Honey Gold CBD oils. Our purified raw cannabinoids are collected via a super critical CO2 extraction process, and double distilled to eliminate as much of the chlorophyll and plant matter as possible. Our concentrates are later infused with a rich terpene blend to create unique and tasteful oils.  We preserve cannabinoid potency with clean bioavailability.  

All of our products maintain an authentic cannabis flower profile and are lab tested to ensure the utmost safety. We monitor every strain profile for purity and quality through cutting edge techniques and industry expertise. All of our products are tested for pesticides, residual solvents, micro-biologicals, terpenes and potency.

Our THCa is non-psychoactive and contains only a trace amount of active THC. The raw cannabinoids are derived from whole plant THC flower and then extracted at extremely low temperatures using organic olive oil in order to preserve the therapeutic acid-based properties of THCa. 

CannaKids works hand-in-hand with medical professionals who specialize in cannabinoid therapy. Please contact us for a referral to speak with a medical professional that can offer individualized dosing guidance for each patient.