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At 101 CBD we created our unique holistic hemp formula of organic, raw, whole-plant spectrum CBDa oil to assist our child on his return from a diagnosis of severe autism. With the use of this CBDa product, he entered a regular kindergarten with no support services or handicaps and continues to happily thrive in school, sports, and social activities. Contact us for the link to the medical article about his journey. Our miraculous results with CBDa formed 101 CBD’s mission to educate the world about the unique and potent benefits of CBDa and provide the highest quality products to benefit other families everywhere.

101 CBD offers raw, whole plant spectrum CBDa sublingual oils in cold-pressed organic hemp seed oil in 400mg to 3200mg levels with formulations focusing on discomfort, stress, sleep, and more complex issues in terpene-based flavors. 101 CBD topical creams, roll-ons, and serums from 250mg to 1250mg are organic, non comedogenic, and quick absorbing.

Our big family-owned company was built to ensure safety and effectiveness of our products for our young son, so you can trust we provide only the best, third-party tested CBD products for your loved ones and furry friends, too.

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