Petition: Remove the Cannabis Ban for Athletes

Athletes for CARE is calling for the World Anti-Doping Agency to remove cannabis from its list of prohibited substances.
By Zoe Sigman On July 24, 2019
"I stand for removing the cannabis ban for athletes in sport" is superimposed over a black and white image of a bicycle racer.

Athletes for CARE is a nonprofit created by current and former professional athletes dedicated to using their influence for social change. They aim to protect the health and wellbeing of current and former athletes around the world.

Injury is unavoidable in sport, and some of those injuries,  like traumatic brain injury, can have life-changing implications. Preventing and recovering from these major injuries informs Athletes for CARE’s work. Cannabis plays a major role in protecting athletes from injury, and they want the world to recognize it.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) moderated the list of substance prohibited in the Olympic Games. Their standards set the precedent for most major sporting organizations globally. Join Athletes for CARE in demanding that WADA remove cannabis from its prohibited substance list.

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Jul 24, 2019