Cannabinoids for Scleroderma

Clinical trials are underway to treat a rare autoimmune disease
Posted: October 9, 2019

Is CBD an Endocannabinoid Reuptake Inhibitor?

Project CBD speaks with Matt Elmes, PhD, director of new product development at CannaCraft, about his post-doctoral research on CBD, fatty acid transport molecules, and the endocannabinoid system.
Posted: October 2, 2019
A single vape cartridge with end cap and tip cap sits on a bright yellow background.

What Should We Do About Vaping?

Regulation - not prohibition - is long overdue.
Posted: September 27, 2019
Green cannabis leaf in soft focus on an sunset-colored background.

CBD Survey Results: Cultivating Wellness

Project CBD releases the results of one of the most extensive CBD user surveys to date.
Posted: September 17, 2019
Side view of active sporty young running woman. She is wearing pink gym shoes and black leggings and a black tank top.

The CBD Silly Season

Having a bad hair day? Take a shot of CBD rum and try some CBD shampoo.
Posted: September 5, 2019
woman in red pants trying not to pee

Cannabis & Incontinence

Promising Research for Overactive Bladder Syndrome
Posted: August 27, 2019
CBD oil with purple flowers

Can CBD Help Your Complexion?

Can CBD really protect, heal and restore the skin? Is there anything substantive behind all the hype? What does the science say about all this?
Posted: August 21, 2019
CBD creams

How to Make a CBD Topical for Healthy Skin

Posted: August 21, 2019

CBD for Autism: The Therapeutic Promise

Watch the panel on CBD for autism spectrum disorder.
Updated: August 21, 2019

Comments to the Food & Drug Administration on CBD and Cannabis

Read Project CBD's special report commenting on cannabis science to the FDA.
Posted: August 19, 2019