Who's in My Entourage?

Some recent highlights and curiosities from the amazing world of cannabis science and therapeutics.
By Adrian Devitt-Lee On February 20, 2019
Image of PPAR-Gamma molecule

The entourage effect was a term first used to describe the various endocannabinoids that work together. Recent research emphasizes how two of these chemicals (OEA and PEA) exert subtle anti-inflammatory and antidepressant effects through a receptor called PPAR-alpha. PPAR-alpha regulates gene expression. Many plant cannabinoids - including CBD and THCA - activate the related protein, PPAR-gamma. OEA and PEA are chemically very similar to anandamide and all three are primarily broken down by the same enzyme, FAAH. The medical effects of FAAH inhibitors are probably due, in large part, to the elevation of these endogenous entourage chemicals.

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Adrian Devitt-Lee, Project CBD's chief science writer, is employed as a research chemist by the University College of London.