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CBD for Liver & Kidney Disease

Cannabinoid receptors regulate fibrosis.

Happy 420!

The dominoes are falling. . .

The Delta-8 THC Controversy

What's really at stake?

New York State of Euphoria

New York legalizes cannabis for adult use with provision allowing homegrown plants.

Weed Mom

An excerpt from The Canna-Curious Woman's Guide to Healthier Relaxation, Happier Parenting, and Chilling TF Out, by Danielle Simone Brand.

The 'Weed Mom' Manifesto

Cannabis is good AF for mothers.

Psychedelics for OCD

Why is psilocybin helpful for treating mood disorders? Is it the drug alone acting on the brain, or is it the subjective experience?

Cannabis, the Euphoriant

An excerpt from The Lotus and the Bud: Cannabis, Consciousness, and Yoga Practice.

CBD for Heart Disease

Research shows that CBD can help maintain healthy cardiovascular function and prevent heart disease.

The Essential Guide to CBD

Project CBD has teamed up with Reader’s Digest to publish a reliable, accessible, easy-to-understand guide to all things CBD.

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