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CBD & Its Entourage

Cannabis is "a medicinal treasure trove.”

Sex: I Want to Want It

Women of a certain age turn to cannabis to rekindle their sexual mojo.

Cannabis & Crony Capitalism: From Matt Gaetz to Trulieve

Major marijuana company tainted by GOP sleaze.

Cannabis for ADHD: An Emerging Therapeutic Option

Are doctors mistaking self-medication for cannabis use disorder?

ADHD: Pediatric Anxiety

Why do some young people who try cannabis become daily users?

Cannabis Legalization & the Potency Question

Are caps on THC levels sound policy or more reefer madness?

Expanded Clinical Study: CBD Effect on the Liver in Adults

Project CBD seeks more volunteers to assess the safety and efficacy of cannabidiol.

Diet, Exercise & Endocannabinoid Tone

What cannabis science tells us about healthy lifestyle habits.

Medical Marijuana for Animals: A Call for Standards

Pet doctors launch the Veterinary Cannabis Society.

Psychedelic Research Targets Systemic Inflammation

Can scientists convert a super-hallucinogen into a wonder drug?

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