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Cannabis! A Viper Vaudeville Opens in New York

A multimedia extravaganza on the history, culture, and politics of the cannabis plant opens in NYC in July

UK Epileptic Children Denied Cannabis Prescriptions

Abandoned to their fate, desperately ill children can't access life-saving cannabis treatments.

Free Speech Under Attack in Czech Cannabis Crackdown

Editor convicted of promoting THC-induced “toxicomania,” could face jail time.

Cannabis Treatment for Aches & Pains

Dr. Mikhail Kogan's cannabis recommendations for treating chronic pain.

Medicinal Terpenes

Aromatic plant compounds reduce pain and stress, boost brain health, fight cancer and antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and more.

How Does Cannabis Impact Alcohol Consumption?

Scientists are studying the role the endocannabinoid system plays in alcohol addiction and related mood disorders.

Flies, Lies & Magic Mushrooms

How one man used psilocybin to treat his anxiety and depression.

Alcohol & the Endocannabinoid System

Alcohol exposure alters endocannabinoid levels in different brain regions. What are the health implications?

Doctor Sues DEA for Right to Give Psilocybin to Ailing Patients

Magic mushroom extract has been fast-tracked by the FDA for depression, but doctors still can't use it in their practice.

Nomenclature Alert: Beyond Indica & Sativa

Cannabis terpene profiles are more meaningful than strain names and breeding history.

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