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Enough to Drink?

Researchers have modulated cannabinoid CB1 receptors in addiction treatment in order to affect cravings.
alzheimer's brain

Cannabinoids for Alzheimer's

Scientists employed by the US government filed a patent in 2001 for cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants, citing their potential for treating Alzheimer’s disease among others.
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Driving Under the Influence of Cannabis

There is evidence that stoned drivers drive slower and less aggressively, making up for some impairment in their reaction time.
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Changing Demographics of Marijuana Initiation

The development of legal cannabis is associated with lower teen use and higher adult use.

Exercise Modulates Endocannabinoid Activity

Chinese scientists at Shenzhen University describe how the endocannabinoid system may mediate the numerous cognitive effects of exercise.
dignified black man in jail

Racial Disparities in Cannabis Arrests

As legalization movements gain momentum, it is important to pay back a debt owed to those who were most harmed by the drug war.
white capsules with cannabis or CBD

CBD & Opiate Addiction

Much research demonstrates that cannabis promotes the safety and efficacy of opioids.
Drawing of the liver

FABP1 & THC Metabolism

A new paper from scientists at Stonybrook University examined the importance of FABPs in the breakdown of THC in the liver.
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Pharmaceuticals for Cannabis Addiction?

Many drugs have been proposed as treatment for cannabis addiction, from pure THC or CBD-rich cannabis, to Ambien.
C Diff cells

CBD Extract for Ulcerative Colitis

CBD has shown promise in a number of GI disorders but a recent clinical trial of CBD may put a damper on hopes for treating ulcerative colitis

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