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Loneliness, Depression & Our "Inner Cannabis"

Among lonely seniors, more circulating endocannabinoids are associated with better adaptation to bereavement.

The USDA's Hempseed Bank

Could Uncle Sam be the hemp farmer's best friend?

Research Breakthrough: Cannabis & Autism

An interview with Bonni Goldstein, MD.

Anti-Viral Hype Goes Viral

We ask a cannabinoid scientist if cannabis can prevent COVID-19.

Cannabis Use During the Pandemic

New data reveals shifting cannabis consumption patterns during the pandemic.

The Curious Case of CBN & Sleep

A molecular biologist deconstructs a cannabis industry myth.

Encouraging Cancer Research

New studies highlight therapeutic potential of cannabinoids, but clinical trials are lacking.

Did Santa Claus Trip on Magic Mushrooms?

The evolution of a psychedelic fairytale.

Cannabis! A Viper Vaudeville Opens in New York

A multimedia extravaganza on the history, culture, and politics of the cannabis plant opens in NYC in July

UK Epileptic Children Denied Cannabis Prescriptions

Abandoned to their fate, desperately ill children can't access life-saving cannabis treatments.

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