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Man and pregnant woman comparing belly size

Big Bellies: Pregnancy & Obesity

Researchers showed that the biochemical response to a high fat diet depends on whether the offspring was male or female
woman singing in colorful smoke

Singing Praises of the ECS

Saoirse O'Sullivan's group at University of Nottingham (UK) examined the effects of singing and dancing on endocannabinoid levels
two boys talking

ABHD6, an Exceptional Enzyme

Nephi Stella and other researchers at the University of Washington recently reviewed 2-AG's role in endocannabinoid signaling.
athletic black woman with measuring tape around waste

Cannabis & Weight Loss

Weight loss and the consequent savings on health care for obesity-related complications need to be considered in economic and political analyses of cannabis legalization.
Distraught man holding head

Cannabis Use Protects the Gut in Schizophrenia

Danish researchers have found that cannabis users with schizophrenia experienced significantly fewer gut-related issues than non-cannabis users

New Cannabinoid-Drug Interactions

Large doses of THC, CBD, and CBN could make processing some blood pressure drugs and Ritalin more difficult.
Image of intestines

Cannabis May Effectively Treat Crohn's

Ohio researchers found Crohn’s Disease symptoms were lower in patients using cannabis
mouse holding cookie against purple background

Spinning Research

Two contradictory studies underscores why preclinical research is only a first step in developing medicines
Lines of cocaine and razor in hand

CBD in Addiction Treament

A review published by Australian researchers sheds light on various facets of addiction, as well as some of the neurological mechanisms by which CBD can limit addictive behaviors.
drawing of a kidney

THC & Chronic Kidney Disease

Unbalanced cannabinoid tone appears to play a role in chronic kidney disease, with CB1 receptors overactivated and CB2 receptors dificient.

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