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Ayahuasca and the Endocannabinoid System

Scientists probe link between serotonin and cannabinoid signaling

Special Report on Cannabinoids & Chirality

The promise and pitfalls of synthetically produced CBD

Cannabis Use and Pro-Social Behavior

Scientists link weed smoking to greater empathy, agreeableness, and moral fairness.

CBD Regulatory Debacle

This is what happens when UK bureaucrats try to shoehorn a plant extract into a framework meant for synthetic food ingredients.

"Legacy" Medical Cannabis Conditions

New studies on cannabinoids for glaucoma, nausea, and insomnia

Glutamate, A Love Story

Get to know a neurotransmitter: Glutamate excites!

CBD, the Promiscuous Cannabinoid

New research explores the versatile therapeutic potential of CBD for depression, substance abuse, and antibiotic-resistant infections.

CBD & THC for Traumatic Brain Injury

Plant cannabinoids reduce tissue damage and trauma following a closed head injury.

Beyond CBD & THC: Kynurenine, Kynurenic Acid & More

Scientists probe health effects of little-known cannabis components.

Smoke Alarm

Are bong hits more toxic than tobacco cigarettes?

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