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5 CBD Secrets

Little-known facts about cannabidiol and CBD oil
Posted: June 11, 2019
The United States Capitol building in Washington DC, sunrise.

Tell the FDA What's on Your Mind

The FDA is asking for input on how to regulate CBD and cannabis. Here's a guide on how to contribute.
Posted: June 5, 2019
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The FDA and Cannabis Regulation

Project CBD spoke at the FDA's public hearing regarding CBD and cannabis regulation. Here's what we said.
Posted: June 5, 2019
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Five Fallacies About Hemp

It's been six months since Congress passed the Farm Bill legalizing hemp for cultivation. It's high time we rectify some common myths about this plant.
Posted: May 22, 2019
Radula liverwort moss on a wet branch.

Cannabis: Gateway to Herbal Medicine

Dozens of plants – not just cannabis – contain compounds that interact with the endocannabinoid system
Posted: May 15, 2019
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10 Tips for Buying CBD Oil

A guide for the perplexed.
Updated: May 10, 2019
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Trade In Your Ibuprofen for Cannabis

Suffering from inflammation? Consider cannabis.
Updated: May 6, 2019
Seth Crawford walking through Oregon CBD's CBG fields as the sun sets.

The Future of High-CBD Hemp

Forget clones. Seeds are the future of hemp farming. New developments in CBD genetics are about to shake up the cannabis industry.
Updated: May 3, 2019
A stethescope and cannabis leaf on an aqua background.

Cannabis and the Immune System: A Complex Balancing Act

A new wave of research points toward cannabinoids having an adaptive, immunomodulating effect, rather than just suppressing immune activity.
Posted: May 8, 2019
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CBD & Cannabis for Pets in Pain

A veterinarian’s advice on how to use cannabis to treat pain and inflammation in your four-legged companion
Posted: May 1, 2019