List Your Dispensary on Project CBD

Get listed on the CBD Locator Map. Project CBD requires a subscription fee of $89/month for providing this service. You can either pay month-to-month, or pay yearly and get a 15% discount.

Your subscription fee entitles your business to the following:

  1.     Customized listing page. Please send us yroject CBD requires a subscription fee of $89/month for providing this service.our logo and a 2-3 sentence description for your page.
  2.     Content Usage. You can publish up to 3 pieces of Project CBD’s original educational content at no cost either on your website, in a blog, in social media, or as handouts for the year.
  3.     Educational Brochures. As a bonus for signing up for a Locator Map listing, Project CBD will provide a complementary set of educational brochures. Please confirm your postal mailing address for receiving this material.
  4.     Social Media Announcement. Once your payment has been received and your page on is published, we will announce in our social media channels that your business has been added to the Locator Map.

You are also welcome to inquire about discounted rates for multiple store location listings and for businesses that promote regenerative agriculture. Please email us at [email protected].

Select the option to pay monthly ($89) or you can subscribe at a discounted yearly rate ($900). Note: All payments are processed by PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account; a credit or debit card is all that’s required to submit payment via their website.


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