Special Reports

Special Reports

Periodically, Project CBD publishes special, in-depth reports on important topics in cannabis and CBD science.

Special Report on Cannabinoids & Chirality

The promise and pitfalls of syntheticallty produced CBD

The Curious Case of CBN & Sleep

A moleculaer biologist deconstructs a cannabis inducstry myth.

Hemp & Native American Sovereignty

A five-part series on the legal limbo of the original peoples of what is now the United States after the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, which made hemp cultivation again lawful.

Special Report on Synthetic Cannabinoids & Vaping-Related Lung Injuries

An extensive review of the scientific literature by Project CBD has found that the CDC’s diagnostic criteria for confirmed cases in the ongoing vaping-related outbreak parallels the symptoms of pulmonary injury associated with the use of “synthetic cannabinoids,” a group of difficult-to-detect research compounds that powerfully influence the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

CBD Survey Results: Cultivating Wellness

In early 2019 Project CBD began collecting responses to a survey we designed to figure out who is using CBD, how and why people are using CBD, what kinds of products they are consuming, and whether or not CBD is working for them. The analysis in this report covers an eight-month period and encompasses over 3500 responses.

Comments to the Food and Drug Administration on CBD and Cannabis

In July 2019 Project CBD submitted comments to the FDA regarding the regulation of CBD and cannabis. This report represents a comprehensive response to the FDA’s inquiry and includes a regulatory framework for cannabis and other traditional herbal medicinal products.

Educational Primer on Cannabinoid-Drug Interactions

Given the increasing acceptance and prevalence of cannabis as a therapeutic option, it’s important for physicians and patients to understand how various cannabis components interact with commonly consumed pharmaceuticals. Project CBD has published an in-depth primer on Cannabinoid-Drug Interactions for health professionals, patients, and public policy-makers. The 33-page report is available for free download.

Medical Cannabis & America’s Opiate Crisis

Dr. Dustin Sulak explores the staggering scope of opioid abuse in America, and a neglected treatment option for opioid addiction: medical cannabis.

Green Rush Blues: California Cannabis After Legalization

This three part series takes a deep dive into the impact of California’s cannabis regulations.

Project CBD Responds to California’s Proposed Testing Requirements

Project CBD critiques California’s proposed regulations for cannabis testing regarding pesticides, heavy metals, and solvents and makes recommendations for amending them.

Cannabis in the Treatment of Age-Related Pain

This survey—a collaboration between Care By Design and Project CBD—sought to answer several questions: How satisfied are patients with cannabis as an analgesic? How does medical marijuana compare to other pain management approaches, in particular, opiates? How do the most common pain management therapies compare in terms of their impact on quality of life? Eight hundred people, most between 50 to 70 years old, responded to the survey. Over 80 percent reported that they were suffering from chronic pain; close to half reported suffering from acute pain. A significant decrease in opiate usage among elderly patients on cannabis therapy was the study’s most notable finding. 

Cannabis in the Treatment of PTSD

Between seven and eight percent of people will develop PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) in their lifetime. Among military veterans, the rates are higher. Care By Design recently surveyed 300 patients on their use of cannabis and other medications to treat PTSD. The survey asked what medications patients had been prescribed for their PTSD-related symptoms and what impact these medications—and cannabis—had on five telltale symptoms of PTSD: anxiety, depression, pain, anger or irritability, and sleep problems.

First Ever Survey of CBD Use

Care By Design surveyed thousands of patients who had been using CBD-rich cannabis medicines for over 30 days. They asked patients what they were taking CBD-rich cannabis for, the ratio of CBD-to-THC they were using, and about its impact on pain, discomfort, energy, mood, and overall wellbeing.


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