Learn more about the dramatic social history of cannabis from its origins to its re-emergence in the '60s as a defining force in a culture war.

Part 2 of a two-part series on psychedelics for pain.
Treating a spiritual disease with psychedelics.
The trailblazing U.S. physician who rediscovered the forgotten medical history of cannabis.
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The Canna-Curious Woman's Guide to Healthier Relaxation, Happier Parenting, and Chilling TF Out
Cannabis is good AF for mothers.
Why is psilocybin helpful for treating mood disorders? Is it the drug alone acting on the brain, or is it the subjective experience?
An excerpt from The Lotus and the Bud: Cannabis, Consciousness, and Yoga Practice.

Cannabis Conversations

Louis Armstrong, the legendary jazz artist and lifelong cannabis smoker, returns to his ancestral homeland
Expert cannabis botanist and geneticist Ryan Lee talks to Project CBD about breeding cannabis, THC & CBD content, and how to interpret lab data.
Project CBD speaks with Dr. Rachel Knox about "endocannabinology," THC/CBD synergies, and whole food nutrition.

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