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Welcome to Project CBD Quick Hits, where we collect some of the most interesting and informative tidbits of research into cannabis over the past week.
Posted: Septiembre 12, 2019
Cups of coffee with marijuana and roasted beans on a table
Some research has shown that caffeine can amplify the short-term forgetfulness caused by THC. A new study indicates that the caffeine may block other effect of cannabinoids. Read more
Posted: Septiembre 12, 2019
Marijuana leaves and a cup of coffee on white
It is increasingly recognized that cannabidiol can moderate many of the effects of THC, but the mechanisms by which CBD does this aren’t obvious. The neurotransmitter adenosine may be one important link. Read more
Posted: Septiembre 11, 2019
Close up pouring purified fresh drink water from the bottle on table in living room
Dosing CBD and other cannabinoids is challenging. An article in Molecules detailed the absorption and kinetics of a new formulation of self-emulsifying CBDRead more
Posted: Septiembre 10, 2019
Portrait of tender gentle romantic sweet lovely open-hearted african man showing big red heart in hands isolated on gray background
Researchers from eight different countries recently collaborated on an article warning about the dangers of teens falling in love. Read more
Posted: Septiembre 9, 2019
Close up portrait of beautiful young black woman smiling outdoors
The protective effect of cannabinoids for those living with Type 2 diabetes and obesity is particularly pronounced among people with schizophrenia. Why? Read more

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Posted: Hace 1 mes 4 semanas
Keto diet & CBD, cannabis
A recent study from pharmacologists at the University of Minnesota examined how eating a meal affects the absorption of CBD.
Posted: Hace 2 meses Un día
One broad effect of CBD and THC is the stimulation of neurogenesis — the production and integration of new neurons in the brain. Researchers in Barcelona, Spain, recently studied how CBD would affect addiction and learning in mice when neurogenesis was artificially prevented.
Posted: Hace 2 meses 5 días
endometrial cancer and cbd
Recent research has indicated a role of endocannabinoids in endometriosis and related diseases. A study published in Frontiers in Oncology sought to determine whether endometrial cancer could be predicted by someone’s levels of the two canonical cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2) and three related fatty acids (anandamide, OEA, and PEA).
Posted: Hace 2 meses 5 días
Caryophyllene and leafy greens
Terpenoids — the volatile compounds that give many plants their smell — appear to confer some of the medical effects of cannabis. Caryophyllene (BCP) and its derivative caryophyllene oxide (BCPO) are particularly significant terpenoids found in many green leafy vegetables.
Posted: Hace 2 meses 5 días
CBD for brain cancer; alternative treatment
Although cannabinoids have shown promise for epilepsy in general, Epidiolex is only approved for two kinds of childhood epilepsy. But this may be more a reflection of the FDA’s drug approval process than of the conditions for which CBD helps.
Posted: Hace 2 meses 3 semanas
Doctors at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation recently examined how cannabis users faired through pancreatitis compared to the general population. They surveyed records of 2.8 million acute pancreatitis patients over 10 years, and the results were dramatic.
Posted: Hace 2 meses 3 semanas
How do cannabinoids affect memory and learning? It seems like a simple question, but scientists study its answer in complex ways. The kind of memory in question, the species tested, the animals’ age and sex, and so on, all affect the answer. So, scientists at Kings College in London compiled 195 articles on cannabinoids and memory for review. ⁠
Posted: Hace 2 meses 3 semanas
Without dedicated attention to those most harmed by police enforcement of drug laws, their situation might not improve. A new study highlights how youth have been left behind because legalization often does not reduce penalties for underage possession.
Posted: Hace 2 meses 3 semanas
A third of patients still do not find effective methods for preventing seizures. A recent Canadian study has demonstrated synergy between the anti-seizure activity of THC and CBD.
Posted: Hace 2 meses 3 semanas
Scientists in Australia and New Zealand recently examined how a synthetic cannabinoid, CUMYL-4CN-BINACA, causes seizures.
Posted: Hace 2 meses 4 semanas
"Fibromyalgia" handwritten on a diagnosis pad, surrounded by heaps of white and pink pills, on a white background.
An Israeli observational study of 367 people using cannabis for fibromyalgia shows promising results. Many subjects reported significant decreases in pain and increases in quality of life.
Posted: Hace 3 meses 4 horas
Illustration of a woman with curly purple hair holding two masks: one happy and one sad.

Bipolar disorder is rarely considered from our growing perspective of the endocannabinoid system in mental health. Iranian researchers at Kerman University recently reviewed the beneficial and harmful aspects of endocannabinoids in this disease.

Posted: Hace 3 meses 3 días
Bud of marijuana balanced on the point of a school pencil, in a row of pencils with their eraers pointing up, isolated on white.
California researchers tried to threaten and belittle middle-schoolers into fearing cannabis. Not only does the tactic not work, and it can increase chances of risky behavior to more dangerous drugs.
Posted: Hace 3 meses 3 días
A doctor in a lab coat holds a cola of cannabis flower and a tincture bottole in their hands.
Donald Abrams is a San Francisco oncologist who has instigated significant cannabis research, including early studies on the safety of combining cannabis with HIV therapy or opioids. He laid out the potential of cannabis in cancer care in a recent piece titled “Should Oncologists recommend cannabis?” In a word, yes.
Posted: Hace 3 meses 3 días
Man hands holding a white paper sheet with two faced head over a crowded street background.
People have been studying the link between cannabis and schizophrenia for over a century. Research has not established strong evidence that cannabis causes schizophrenia, although there is an association. A new paper highlights some limitations of these studies.
Posted: Hace 3 meses 1 semana
cbd research - cannabis research

Part of why doctors remain wary of cannabis medicine is the lack of randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled trials — the gold standard for medical research. Because of cannabis’ status as an illicit drug, research is often relegated to retrospective surveys, which are useful but more likely to be biased. But there are methods in between these two schemes, such as open-label trials.

Posted: Hace 3 meses 1 semana
CBD for organ transplants

Candidates for organ transplant are thoroughly screened, and illicit substance use is usually disqualifying. But cannabis is well established as a medicine (as it has been for millennia) and should not prevent patients from receiving a necessary transplant. Doctors at a pediatric hospital in Delaware recently described the thought process around allowing or prohibiting cannabis use.

Posted: Hace 3 meses 1 semana
CBD for nausea

Preventing nausea is a common medical use of cannabis. But nausea is a multi-faceted feeling. Motion sickness, morning sickness, the flu, or chemotherapy all cause slightly different versions of this discomfort.

Posted: Hace 3 meses 1 semana
contaminants in hemp

Hemp is a bioaccumulator — it tends to absorb heavy metals from soil, leaving the ground clean by collecting contaminants in its body. When intended for human consumption, this is obviously a problem. But as a means for cleansing land of industrial toxins, hemp is quite promising.

Posted: Hace 3 meses 2 semanas
Pesticides on cannabis

Organophosphates are a class of insecticides like chlorpyrifos and soman. Sarin, used as a chemical weapon, is also an organophosphate. Many of these are neurotoxic, owing to their ability to amplify the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which paralyzes insects and causes their death. A recent study from medical researchers in Maryland and Pennsylvania described the human toxicity in detail and explained why cannabinoids may be protective for humans.