CBD for Cancer

CBD for Cancer

CBD Survey Results: Cultivating Wellness
People reported taking CBD for cancer

Participants reported having 32 different types of cancer. Breast, prostate, and colon/rectal cancer were the most common. The majority of participants in this group had had either surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy. Many were in remission / cancer-free. Many were also using CBD for pain (44%), sleep problems (30%), and/or mood issues (25%).

Participants using CBD products for cancer were more likely to be using CBD with or from cannabis rather than hemp-derived CBD alone (57% versus 40%), meaning they were more likely to be taking some THC with their CBD regimen. This may be due to THC’s effectiveness as a pain reliever or to well-publicized preclinical data suggesting that both THC and CBD may have tumor-fighting properties.

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Participants were asked to rate how CBD impacted eight common symptoms of cancer and cancer treatment (see chart below), indicating whether the symptom was a “much better,” “little better,” “no change,” a “little worse,” or “lot worse.” CBD was most helpful with ameliorating nausea and vomiting. Some participants also found it helpful for loss of appetite, neuropathy (numbness or tingling), and weakness. CBD was markedly less likely to help with cancer-related constipation and diarrhea. The most significant side effects related to memory and concentration.


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