Colloquial term that describe varieties of cannabis that have energizing effects.

Summary from Wikipedia:

Sativa, sativus, and sativum are Latin botanical adjectives meaning cultivated, used to designate certain seed-grown domestic crops.

Sativa (ending in -a) is the feminine form of the adjective, but masculine (-us) and neuter (-um) endings are also used to agree with the gender of the nouns they modify. For example, the masculine Crocus sativus and neuter Pisum sativum.

Examples of crops incorporating this word and its variations into their Latin name include:

  • Allium sativum, Garlic.
  • Avena sativa, the common oat.
  • Cannabis sativa, one of three forms of cannabis.
  • Castanea sativa, sweet chestnut.
  • Crocus sativus, the saffron crocus.
  • Daucus carota subsp. sativus, the carrot, a plant species.
  • Medicago sativa, alfalfa.
  • Nigella sativa, a flower whose edible seeds are sometimes known as "black cumin" or "black caraway".
  • Oryza sativa, rice.
  • Pisum sativum, pea plant.
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