A cannabis product produced by refining oil extracted from cannabis flower. Isolate may have trace amounts of other cannabinoids and other plant compounds present.

Summary from Wikipedia:

Isolate may refer to:

  • Isolate (computation), a computation in the Java Application Isolation API
  • Genetic isolate, a population of organisms that has little genetic mixing with other organisms of the same species
  • Language isolate, a language not related to any other
  • Isolating language, a type of language with a very low morpheme per word ratio
  • Primary isolate, a pure microbial or viral sample that has been obtained from an infected individual
  • Chemical isolate, the pure result of a chemical purification process
    • Protein isolate, the result of protein purification, which isolates a single type of protein from a complex mixture
  • Isolate (biology), a synonym for a biological strain
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