Zoe Sigman

Zoe Sigman, a young white woman with dark brown hair cut in a shag, site in three-quarters profile. She is lit by the sun and smiling brightly.

Zoe Sigman is a writer and educator focused on cannabis science, as well as the Science Editor for Broccoli Magazine. She has built out educational content focusing on scientific information about cannabis for organizations like Farma and Groundworks Industries, Oregon Health and Sciences University (OHSU), and Hudson Hemp. She has testified about CBD and cannbis regulation to the FDA, and regularly speaks about cannabis and cannabis science to patients, medical professionals, and consumers. Check out what she’s been up to here.

Decarboxylating Cannabis

Why does eating a raw cannabis bud not get you high but eating a THC edible does?

Cannabinoids for Scleroderma

Two compounds that target the endocannabinoid system are currently in development to treat scleroderma – and they’re already in clinical trials. Pharmaceutical researchers have their sights set on developing a drug that bypasses CB1 while boosting CB2. Referred to as a “selective CB2 agonist,” such a compound would appear to have potential as a treatment for scleroderma.

The FDA & Cannabis Regulation

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“My name is Zoe Sigman, and I’m the Program Director at Project CBD, an educational nonprofit focused on cannabis science & medicine. Ten years ago, we introduced CBD to the medical cannabis community in California. It spread like wildfire and has become the hugely popular phenomenon that it is today.

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