Viola Brugnatelli

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Viola Brugnatelli is the scientific director of Cannabiscienza, an e-learning academy for Italian healthcare professionals. A lecturer on medical cannabis and the endocannabinoid system at the University of Padua and a researcher at the University of Padua’s Department of Neuroscience, Brugnatelli specializes in cannabinoid receptor pharmacology and cannabis terpene signaling. Since 2012 she has been an active member of the International Cannabinoid Research Society and the International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines (IACM). Brugnatelli is currently IACM’s Italian ambassador. In 2018, Brugnatelli co-founded LEARN Herstory, non-for-profit that lobbies for women equality in the European cannabis space. She is also founder and curator of the online science magazine Nature Going Smart.

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