Pancreatitis is a severe and potentially life-threatening inflammation of the pancreas. Doctors at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation recently examined how cannabis users faired through pancreatitis compared to the general population. They surveyed records of 2.8 million acute pancreatitis patients... Read more

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A small rat perches on top of a bouqet of daisies on a wooden table.
And did cannabidiol really kill four-and-a-half mice?
A pack of suppositories in white plastic packaging on an aqua background.
The low-down on what’s up with rectal and vaginal delivery.
Book cover of Foundational Concepts in Neuroscience: A Brain-Mind Odyssey by David E. Presti.
In this excerpt from "Foundational Concepts in Neuroscience: A Brain-Mind Odyssey" neuroscientist David E. Presti discusses runaway excitation and its role in epilepsy.
Father kissing and cuddling his newborn baby.
Could CBD save the lives of babies born with brain damage? A new clinical trial aims to find out.
Hemp plant in front of the sunset in a yellow sky.
Little-known facts about cannabidiol and CBD oil.

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Cannabidiol—CBD—is a cannabis compound that has significant medical benefits, but does not make people feel “stoned."
Project CBD has created a beginner’s guide for cannabidiol & cannabis therapeutics to address key questions of CBD users.
Medical cannabis research shows that CBD may be therapeutic for many conditions.
With the growing awareness of CBD as a potential health aid there's also been a proliferation of misconceptions. Find questions and responses to common misinformation.
High dose? Low dose? CBD? THC? Optimizing one's therapeutic use of cannabis may take some experimentation.

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